Apothefaery Fiber – A Modern Look at a Time Honored Art

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At FMO, we pride ourselves on being a market created by integrity and trust.  This is why FMO conducts annual inspections with our vendors to ensure food safety and integrity behind our product brand.  Our inspections take us over the river and through the woods, and into the barnyards, kitchens and workshops of some great local people – like Faery Mirto of Apothefaery Fiber in Dunnegan, MO!

About Apothefaery Fiber: If you have passed by the Apothefaery Fiber booth at market on Saturdays, chances are that you have seen Faery hard at work at her spinning wheel!  Faery creates hand spun yarns, rugs, knitted accessories and other beautiful fiber art not just during FMO hours, but at home too!

Faery, her husband and their two sons live on a beautiful farm in an Amish community in Dunnegan, MO.  There, Faery practices the time honored art of weaving, spinning, carding and more in her spinning room.  Faery uses all American made equipment and earth friendly dyes to make her products.  She also uses local fiber – her family owns two wool sheep and several Angora rabbits – the fiber from these animals is what Faery uses in many of her crafts.


Want to learn how to spin, card, weave and knit yourself?  Faery also gives lessons and offers group classes!  Be sure to ask her about how you can learn when you visit her in the pavilion on Saturdays!

Products: Hand spun yarns, bats, knitted accessories and other fiber art

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