Bechard Family Farm – A Passion for Pastured Livestock

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At FMO, we pride ourselves on being a market created by integrity and trust.  This is why FMO conducts annual inspections with our vendors to ensure food safety and integrity behind our product brand.  Our inspections take us over the river and through the woods, and into the barnyards, kitchens and workshops of some great local people – like Armand and Teddi Bechard of Bechard Family Farm in Conway, MO!

About Bechard Family Farm:  The Bechard family are familiar faces in the FMO marketplace – folks know them by their unique barn-themed chalkboard signs, their well-stocked homemade soap display, and their outstanding selection of pastured lamb, beef and poultry products.  Teddi and Armand Bechard, along with their children, raise or make all their products themselves on their beautiful farm in Conway, MO.  Not only do they sell their meat, eggs and soap at FMO on Saturdays, but they also have an on-farm general store where customers can purchase their items as well!

Pastured turkey houses

Pastured turkey houses

Turkeys, chickens, cattle and sheep all make their home on the Bechard’s farm.  Armand and Teddi place a strong emphasis on raising their animals outdoors and on grass with careful forage management, and it shows in the quality of their pastures.

A carefully managed pasture on the Bechard's farm

A carefully managed pasture on the Bechard’s farm

Clover and a host of other native forages make up much of the Bechard’s livestock’s diet.  Their sheep and cattle are free to forage within their pastures, while the turkeys and chickens are raised in portable ‘poultry tractors’ and moved to fresh grass on a daily basis.

Teddi Bechard is also a talented soap maker, and creates beautiful bars of quality soap out of a designated soap making room in their farmhouse.  The Bechard’s soap and pastured meat and egg products can be purchased from their promenade booth at FMO, and Teddi’s trademark soap can also be purchased at local stores like Mama Jean’s Market.

Products: Homemade soap, and pastured beef, lamb and poultry products


Some of Teddi's soaps!

Some of Teddi’s soaps!

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