Handsome Star Farms – Living the Natural Life

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Josh and AshleyAt FMO, we pride ourselves on being a market created by integrity and trust.  This is why FMO conducts annual inspections with our vendors to ensure food safety and integrity behind our product brand.  Our inspections take us over the river and through the woods, and into the barnyards, kitchens and workshops of some great local people – like Josh and Ashley Hicks of Handsome Star Farms in Springfield, MO!

About Handsome Star Farms: Josh and Ashley Hicks have a passion for leading a natural, sustainable lifestyle with their two young children.  On their farm north of town, Josh and Ashley raise dairy goats, pigs, chickens and quail, with the help of their Bull Mastiff guard dogs, plus grow a family garden with crops like tomatoes and pumpkins.  Josh and Ashley initially started their venture at Farmers Market of the Ozarks under the business name Ozarks Organics, selling natural gardening products like diatomaceous earth and fertilizer.  This year, they have expanded their business and their product line under their farm name, Handsome Star Farms, and added a line of natural cleaning products that Ashley makes herself.

Necessity was the mother of invention for Ashley when she first began to make her     own cleaning supplies.  “I was new to having two kids, and I ran out of laundry  soap  in  the middle of the winter,” she said.  Not wanting to have to bundle her  little ones up  and expose them to the cold to venture to the store, she decided to  make her own!  This  lead to creating other cleaning products that are safe for her  family, her pets and the  environment.  “I don’t want chemicals around,” she stated.

Ashley carries a line of twelve different cleaning products, several of which have a  kid friendly focus, like Cleaning Slime and Glass Foam.  Her gentle and safe  ingredients for her products include essential oils, vinegar and fresh herbs.   “They  work really well,” Ashley says of the natural products.  “I enjoy using them and they work better!”

Products: Natural fertilizers, diatomaceous earth, liquid laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach alternative, stain fighter, dryer balls, glass cleaner, wood polish, grease-cutting soap, disinfectant formula, Carpet Mud, Cleaning Slime, Sock Mops and Glass Foam

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