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Ozarks Natural Foods is a longtime member of FMO – it all started with Alan and Meera Scarrow, both founding members of the market. Alan and Meera both work in the medical field – Alan as the President of Mercy Hospital and a neurosurgeon, and Meera as an OBGYN – and they share a passion for healthy lifestyles. The Scarrows loved the idea of a farmers market that invested in both the customers and the farmers, and have been involved with FMO’s mission since the market first began. They connected with mutual friends Weston and Beth Walker over a shared passion for human health, and animal health and welfare. This cohesive partnership became Ozarks Natural Foods, a business with a mission to provide consumers with nutritious and healthy local meat.

The Scarrows and the Walkers raise their meat for Ozarks Natural Food on two different farms – Alan, Meera and their three children reside on their farm in Rogersville, where they raise grass-fed Angus cattle. Weston and Beth, along with their three boys, live on their farm in Dadeville and raise Angus cattle, Berkshire hogs, and hair sheep. Ozarks Natural Foods markets their sustainably and humanely raised meats through FMO, restaurants such Metropolitan Farmer, and wholesale at Mama Jean’s and Horrmann Meat Company.

The goal of Ozarks Natural Foods is not only to provide customers with responsible, healthy local meat choices, but also to help other farmers raise and market sustainable products, and give back to their community. Alan and Meera Scarrow are helping to meet this goal by partnering with the Ozarks Food Harvest and the Glean Team. Meera is an active member of the Ozarks Food Harvest Board and helped start the Glean Team, where Food Harvest volunteers glean produce from local farmers to help the hungry. The Scarrows also donated an extensive gardening set up to Ozarks Food Harvest as a headquarters for the Glean Team on their Rogersville farm, complete with a green house, raised gardening beds and irrigation systems, where volunteers can grow substantial amounts of local, nutrient dense produce to distribute within the community and fight hunger. “Our goal is to provide quality AND quantity,” said Meera. Learn more here.

Products: Beef, pork and lamb products

Best Sellers: Ground meat, Apple Bratwursts and bacon

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