Need to Know Info When Bringing Pets to FMO

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Two of our dog owners with their Canine Good Citizens sporting their FMO bandanas.

At FMO, we love our farmers AND our four-legged friends!  That is why we created our FMO Canine Good Citizen Program, so that our vendors, customers and dogs can enjoy a safe and harmonious environment centered around local food.  We welcome your dog at market – but we have just a few steps for you to follow!

In order to register your dog in our program for attendance at market, you will need to bring us a form or paperwork proving that your pooch has been through a training class, or successfully passed a performance evaluation.  The class or evaluation can be through our friends at Sidekick Dog Training, Petsmart, the AKC, or a similar organization.  Once you bring us proof of completed training or certification, you will need to purchase an FMO bandana for your dog – these cost $10 and will need to be worn by the dog each time they attend market so we know they are an FMO Good Citizen!  We will also need you to fill out a brief form saying that you take full responsibility for your dog while they are at market.

All FMO approved dogs, and their owners, are expected to follow these rules: 
1.    Only dogs with the FMO Good Pet bandana and a signed liability agreement will be allowed in the pavilion, promenade, or plaza areas during market hours.

2.    Your dog must be sociable to people and other dogs to earn the right to shop at the market. Completion of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program or similar training is essential to help balance the concerns of our customers, the vendors, and the dogs. Dogs who meet this requirement will receive bandanas to show their accomplishment.

3.    Dogs must be current on all vaccinations and meet municipal requirements.

4.    Dogs must be kept on a short (6 ft or less), non-retractable leather or nylon leash. No exceptions.

5.    Keep your dog under control and by your side at all times. Jumping on, licking, or aggressive behavior toward other people will result in the customer being required to immediately return the FMO Good Pet bandana.

6.    Aggressive behavior, barking, and growling are signs of a dog that is stressed. Owners of dogs who fight will be asked to immediately return the FMO Good Pet bandana and remove their dog from the market.  Aggressive behavior from dog owners towards market staff, vendors, or other customers will not be tolerated either, and may result in both the dog AND the owner being asked to leave the premises.

7.    Keep dogs away from produce, plants and other food products. Food safety is a key issue to local food producers.  Please control the head and the rear of the dog while visiting vendor’s stalls.

8.    Not everyone is a dog lover: Be considerate.

9.    Come prepared to clean up after your dog! Bags are located in locations in and near the pavilion, and along the paths near the micro orchard.

10.    If a dog is not behaving in accordance with these rules, the market staff will to ask that the owner to return the bandana and remove the dog immediately.

11.    No other pets will be allowed.

12.    Service animals are welcome, and will receive an FMO bandana free of charge.

Please stop by the Market HUB, leave us a comment here or private message us on Facebook if you have questions!

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