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FMO Market Manager (accepting application thru December 4th, 2018). Please submit a resume AND cover letter detailing why you are interested in working with FMO. As we enter a new year we are especially interested in your background with event management, promotions and client/customer experience. Please apply by clicking the link above and submitting a cover letter AND resume online at indeed or by emailing

We are looking for a dynamic market manager excited to create a value added experience at market for vendors and customers alike. Promotional and event experience is highly valued as well as experience working with vendors and customer outreach.

The Market Manager (MM) will operate FMO on market days and run all market day operations, including vetting new members, special events, scheduling music, inspections, hub staff, scheduling community partners, PODS and membership fee collection. It will be the responsibility of the MM to create special events with the ED and Assistant Manager for both FMO-Springfield and Branson locations. The MM will make updates to the website, social media platforms, vendors databases, market rules and regulations and other duties as assigned. The MM will also attend professional development training, help the ED with vendor educational trainings and fundraising and calendar events at market.

FMO Market Manager December 2018 – 20 hours weekly

Weekly Responsibilities. Timings are approximate and listed below for approximately 20 hours weekly (paid for 20 hours with documented invoice). Payment for additional projects upon agreed assignment/s.

6-8 hours (on-site – Saturdays 6/7am – 2pm)

The Market Manager (MM) will operate FMO on market days and all market day operations including:

– Weekly PODS deposit to bank

– Pay and record all PODS with vendors

– Plan and execute market day events (on site) including schedule and set up of market music and execution of “CALENDAR” events/tokens of appreciation

– Weekly “live” post from market to all social media platforms

Ongoing in office:

– Go over updated books (go over checks/SNAP/DUFB) and grant reporting

– Go over checks/vendor requests (as needed)

– Oversee monthly reviews of Branson market (seasonally)

Scheduling and communication with vendors throughout week of market:

– Ongoing communication with vendors and sending out schedule of load in (including)/ Weekly vendor communication (phone, email etc) (cc director)

– Weekly market brief sent out to vendors detailing stalls, music, weather, staff and overview for Saturday

– Schedule day vendors, sponsors, and community partners each week

– Schedule and oversee FMO hub staff on a weekly/monthly basis and add into calendar

– Schedule and oversee Branson management/staff (as needed)

– Weekly social media *hootsuite – mid week update

– Weekly quickbooks entry for PODS deposit and square

– Cut weekly vendor reimbursement checks for Springfield and Branson Markets (as needed)

– Communicate with health department monthly on codes, inspections, licenses etc

– SNAP grant monthly reporting

– DUFB grant reporting weekly for Springfield and Branson Markets

– DUFB large monthly report for Springfield and Branson Markets

Additional project work:

– Write press releases for events

– Monthly vendor newsletter

– write/update monthly blogs for website / hootsuite

– Phone meetings

– Create monthly report for board of directors (sales, marketing, grants, etc)

As scheduled/needed:

– Board meetings/Committee Meetings/Community Meetings

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