FMO is proud to serve our community at this time. We thank American National and Loehr Health Center for all of their support!

It is a time of innovation and re-invention and we thank those of you who are supporting our Drive-through market! If you or your business are able to underwrite market operations for a month or so at the Sustaining Market level or above your support is truly appreciated, more now than ever. Any questions, please call 417-323-2655 and check out our support levels here.

Our Farmers thank you for your continued support every week but our daily market sales account for only a portion of our annual organization/operating costs. Much of our annual operating income comes from event income on market days and Fundraisers (all of which are postponed/canceled). With most of our income revenues largely reduced but workload and organization expenses the same or larger, we are reaching out. Have you ever wanted to underwrite market in a big way? Please join some of our amazing community sponsors/underwriters if you can! Market is a 501c3 so donations/support are tax deductible.


FMO is proud to partner with American National Insurance to support local agriculture across the Ozarks region.  American National, the Corporate FMO Sponsor, will join the market in a variety events to support local food through the business’s Springfield, Mo., location off East Sunshine.  As part of its support of FMO, American National will provide support for farm to table dinners, consumer education, programming and more.  FMO is proud to call American National a partner in local food promotion in the Ozarks.

With a collection of dynamic Sponsors we give thanks for the amazing businesses and organizations below. Special events, market cooking events, and being the sponsor of all FMO Market Music and Runs are all ways that you can give back to its local community.  We thank the our newest Sponsor Loehr Health as they also kick off our “Free 5K on the 4th” fun runs in addition to general underwriting!


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