Milkweed Plants – Support Your Local Butterflies!

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By Jessica Poisal, FMO Intern


I have ridden horses with my family in southern Missouri through the years; giving me the chance to see many wildflower species and the butterflies that were attracted to the brilliant colors. I always wanted to bring the beauty of both the flowers and the butterflies back home with me, so naturally I was excited when I found out that the Broken Wire Ranch was selling milkweed plants on Saturdays.

Milkweed is a species of wildflower native to Missouri that attracts butterflies and even hummingbirds when it is in bloom. According to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the bright orange flowers of the plant bloom from May to September and grow naturally in prairie environments. The milkweed plant has a high drought tolerance and just needs sunlight and some water. Milkweed is also a perennial plant, meaning that it will live for two years or more. This can be a perfect low-maintenance plant for any gardener! Customers are able to plant these flowers in their home gardens to add color to their homes and attract butterflies.

The Broken Wire Ranch will be selling milkweed plants at the market on Saturday, May 28th. This will be the last time that they will sell milkweed so make sure you stop by their booth!

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