Vegetables, Fruits & Plants

Our farmers are responsible for both planting and harvesting the product they sell whether or not they own the property they farm. The vendor shall sell only agricultural, horticultural, craft, art, or food items that they themselves have grown, produced or processed.

All farmers are inspected by management to ensure the farmer is using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), following proper growing techniques in accordance with any certifications and labels they are using within their marketing, and all products are grown and raised by the producer.  Our farm inspection process helps retain the integrity of our market and earns consumer trust- which is a top priority of our market.  As they say…Keep your friends close, but keep your farmers closer.

FMO offers customers a wide array of diversity in the products  found at the market each week, not to mention quality and quantity of healthy eating options.  Whether you are looking for organically grown, all-natural or heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables, FMO offers it all at our marketplace.

List of Vendors

Parker Farms
Jim Parker
Lockwood, MO
Sweet Corn, annual plants, produce
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Millsap Farm
Curtis and Sarah Millsap
Springfield, MO
Produce, hanging baskets, herbs, flowers
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PT Gardens
Paul and Tammy Spangenberg
Republic, MO
Herbs, flavored sugars and salts
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Ava’s Gardens
Kevin Sharp
Weableau, MO

Sunshine Gardens
Dennis Westcott
Springfield, MO
Produce, mushrooms and nature photos

Lee Farm
Seneca, MO
Lor and Mai Xlong
Cut flowers, asian vegetables

Trammell Mushrooms
Warrensburg, MO
Matt Trammell
Truffles, huge variety of mushroomss

Ozark Mountain Orchard
Kystal Lais
Highlandville, MO
Fruit and fall vegetables
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Garoutte’s Farm Fresh Produce
Chris Garoutte
Mt. Vernon, MO

Vang Garden
Abby Vang
Fairview, MO
Asian Specialty Crops

Mockingbird Gardens
A. Lee and Lee Ann Worman
Springfield, MO
Bedding plants, vegetables, herbs and garlic
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Yang Family Vegetables
Zoua Hang-Yang
Rocky Comfort, MO

Nature Valley Farm
Teng & Ma Yang
Granby, MO

Red Barn Herb Farm
Don and Barb Emge
Republic, MO
Wide variety of potted herbs and the farm is the largest growers of Scented Geraniums in Missouri
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Blue Heron Farm
Marshfield, MO
James and Jennie Boosey
Microgreens, heirloom produce, chicken and duck eggs

Good Luck Farm
Ash Grove, MO
Hamilton Lor
Cut flowers, berries and vegetables

Kou Song’s Garden
Kou and Song Lee
Seneca, MO

Broken Wire Ranch, LLC
Tom and Lyles Lewis
Stockton, MO
Roasted peppers, vegetables, chicken, eggs
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Netzer Farms
Roland Netzer
Springfield, MO
Produce and plants

Willow Mountain Mushroom
Bob and Wendy Semyck
Tecumseh, MO
Year-round mushrooms
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Millers Produce
Sam and Melinda Miller
Macomb, MO
Baked goods, produce and plants

Roberson Orchard
Scott Lambeth
Omaha, AR
Peaches and Specialty Crops
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Mailor Vang
Fairview, MO

Heirloom Gardens
Nixa, MO
Ron and Lisa Capps
Heirloom Produce

T & M Fresh Produce
Cassville, MO
Thai and Mai Thao
Produce and Cut Flowers

New Horizon Farm
Ozark, MO
Dave and Sharon Ballou
Hydroponic lettuce, watercress and hanging baskets


A & A Orchard
John Aselage
Green Forest, AR
Peaches, Apples, Nectarines, Pears


The Ozarks region is home to an array of local artisans that create unique works of art that include handspun yarns and clothing, stained glass vases,  handmade clothing or even skin care products.

Items sold in this category must be made by the person renting the market space, and management  may ask the vendor to demonstrate the making of their goods prior to approval for sale.  Artisan vendors are inspected by management to ensure the vendor is making the products sold at market.

While you are visiting with our artisans at market, don’t be shy if you have specific questions or are interested in special orders.

List of Vendors

J. Rae Pottery
Jennifer Farr
Marshfield, MO
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Swan Creek Crafts
Mike Weber
Handmade wooden spoons and more!

Rebecca’s Bird Gardens
Jeff and Rebecca Nickols
Strafford, MO
Living-roof birdhouses and feeders, living wreaths, vertical gardens and containers.
website: ~ Find us on facebook!

Windwood Farm
Wayne and Deb Maias
Springfield, MO
Goat Milk soaps and lotions
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MadMar Designs
Ozark, MO
Ria Shaar
Handmade clothing, soaps, and accessories

Alley Cat Design Studio
Springfield, MO
Alan and Catherine Moore
Reclaimed wood artwork, home and garden decor

Modern Bloom Studios
Ozark, MO
Andrea Millard
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Copper Colorists Legacy
Ozark, MO
Phillip Cook
Handmade copper artwork designs
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Birchtree & Lula
Jesse Stone
Springfield, MO
Upcycled totes, hats, skirts, hair accessories, scarves and more

Sweet Girl Bath & Body
Caroline Didier
Battlefield, MO
All natural bath and body products
Twitter: @sweetgirlbandb
Facebook: sweetgirlbathandbody

Robin Yancey
Funky Relics
Springfield, Mo
Uniquely made jewelry

Colorbrust Jewelry
Mike Church
Springfield, MO
Stained glass jewelry

Chrisara Designs
Springfield, MO
Sara Olson and Christa Schmitz
Handmade clothing, artwork designs, jewelry
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Apothefaery’s Fiber
Dunnegan, MO
Melanie Pierce
Handspun wool creations

Salt River Leather
Jason Hooge

Springfield, MO


A trip to FMO and you will see why our market was named the Number 15 Market in the Nation, according to The Daily Meal.  Good Eats- All Around!

Not only will you find high-quality fresh local foods throughout the market, but a trip to the market is a morning experience as you graze from vendor to vendor.  We are proud to have incredible food trucks and concessionaires that provide everything from freshly roasted coffee and specialty coffees to a hand-boiled loaded bagel filled to the top with toppings.

A concession vendor is a person who produces ready to eat food items on site. Board approval of concession vendors will be based on the uniqueness, flavor, quality, presentation, and value, of their product. Concession vendors must meet all local codes and regulations for their business, and documentation to that effect must be attached to their application before it is considered for approval.

List of Vendors

Peruvian and South American Food Catering
Nelly Baxter
Springfield, MO
Tamales Empanadas and other Peruvian foods
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Chuckwagon Old Fashioned Lemonade & The Cook Shack
Russ and Pam Pritchard
Strafford, MO
Freshly squeezed lemonades, BBQ

Firelight Pizza Company & Catering
Jason and Jill Brock
Springfield, MO
Wood-fired pizzas made to order. Our menu embraces local-organic ingredients from farmers and other vendors at FMO. We also offer event catering.
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KeenBean CoffeeRoasters
Darrell & Tracy Bradshaw
Mt. Vernon, MO
Locally Roasted Coffees and Specialty Drinks

Cecils To Go
Trey Manning
Springfield, MO
Vegan foods, fresh salads, wraps and more!

Nana’s Kettle Corn
Springfield, MO
Freshly popped kettle corn

London Calling Pasty Company
Springfield, MO
Neil Gomme
English-style stuffed meat pies
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Sometimes products don’t fit a specific category, but are locally inspired and unique, like wine from Ozarks vineyards, moonshine from a Taney County distillery or other rare products like hot sauce, spices and more!

The Ozarks region is home to a wide array of local businesses and FMO welcomes unique products of all sorts!  From fresh crawfish, shrimp and oysters from the Gulf, local spirits made in the Ozarks and even special services- our vendors offer a shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

These vendors must be approved by our Membership Committee, as well as our Board of Directors to ensure integrity of our marketplace and regulations.  All vendors are vetted and inspected by management, per our market rules.

List of Vendors

Mattie’s Eats & Treats
Sparta, MO
Ashley Witt
Gourmet dog treats, collars, dog tags

Sharpen- ALL, LLC/Meadowlands Farms
Niangua, MO
Ann Horsman
USDA inspected poultry of colorful eggs produced by the rare breeds of araucana and ameraucana are bred and raised on the farm, on-site professional sharpening services
Facebook: Meadowlands Farms

Express Foods
Chris Perkins
Springfield, MO
Fresh and frozen seafood, seafood seasonings and tools.
Find on Facebook and check out their website.

Teeter Creeks Herbs
Ava, MO
Grown and harvested herbal tinctures

Dear Caramel
Yvette Wynne
Springfield, MO
Hand-crafted caramel sauce, caramel chews and praline bites
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Pappedellas Pasta
Tammy Johnson
Highlandville, MO
More than 25 pasta varieties, including gluten-free

Whispering Oaks Winery
Nate and Amy Green
Seymour, MO
Local wines
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Springfield Brewing Company
Springfield, MO
Local brews

Down to Earth Foods
Ozark, MO
Tony & Cher Piche
Bulk grains, beans & rice, non-GMO flour, seasonings and more

Spangle, Daisy Mae & Garland
Springfield, MO
Balloon Artist, Face Painter, Magician, Juggler, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, And Peter & Pricilla Rabbit (The Easter Bunnies)

Meats, Eggs and Cheeses

We are fortunate in the Ozarks region to be a host of hard-working ranchers that produce local meats, eggs and dairy products straight from the farm.  From the tastiest steak to the most unique cheeses, our farmers produce high-quality items for your family’s table each week.


All farmers are inspected to ensure products are safe and grown with appreciation of the land and livestock.  Producers raise livestock in a variety of sustainable methods and customers are encouraged to talk with our ranchers about specific production practices.

List of Vendors

Terrell Creek Farm
Barry and Lesley Million
Fordland, MO
Artisan goat cheese
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Blackgate Farm
Chris and Carolyn Penner
Vanzant, MO
Organic Beef
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Broken Wire Ranch
Stockton, MO
Tom and Lyles Lewis
Chicken, eggs, roasted peppers and produce

GrandView & HillSide Bison
Mountain Grove, MO
Wayne & Anita Bohnenkamp
Daniel & Nancy Bohnenkamp
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Blue Heron Farm
Marshfield, MO
James and Jeannie Boosey
Pork, duck and chicken eggs and produce

Sharpen- ALL, LLC/Meadowlands Farms
Niangua, MO
Ann Horsman
USDA inspected poultry of colorful eggs produced by the rare breeds of araucana and ameraucana are bred and raised on the farm.
Facebook: Meadowlands Farms

Landers Lean Meats
Tom and Becky Landers
Dadeville, MO
Pork, Chicken and Beef
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Ozarks Natural Foods
Alan and Meera Scarrow
Rogersville, MO
Weston and Beth Walker
Dadeville, MO
Organic beef, pasture Berkshire pork, lamb
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Bechard Family Farm
Armand and Teddi Bechard
Conway, MO
Beef, chicken, lamb and pork
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Providence Farms
Wes and Amie Hunter
Marshfield, MO
Veal, beef and chicken

McDowell Land & Cattle Co
John McDowell

Baked Goods and Value-Added

From delicately made pie crusts filled with juicy fruit to Wild Rice & Onion and Challah artisan breads, our market is stocked with baked goods, pies, cookies, and everything in between.  Many of our bakers incorporate other local products in their items- as we embrace the importance of community at FMO and Farmers Park.  In addition, our bakers provide gluten-free desserts and baked goods to suit everyone’s dietary needs.

Our bakers are vendors that make food products manufactured and packaged prior to market day. Persons involved in the baking shall sell baked goods or other Made in Missouri products. Food products must be manufactured completely by the vendor. Products may be produced in a home kitchen, which has been approved through farm inspection. These products must be clearly labeled: “Made in a Home Kitchen.”

Looking for something specific?  Be sure and visit with the Market Info Hub inside the pavilion or ask your local baker.  We aim to please each and every customer that visits our marketplace.

List of Vendors

Sunrise Market
Lorene Yoder
Warsaw, MO
Quick Breads, pies, donuts, cookies and more

Honey Heaven
Beverly Hovey
Springfield, MO
Honey and honey made products
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Springfield, MO
Gluten-free cookies, breads, cakes and more
Thursday night only vendor

JENNA CAKES-cake by the slice
Springfield, MO
Jennifer Walker
Vintage cake by the slice
Facebook:  jennacakes.springfield

KT’s Nuts & Woodworkings
Truman and Karen Haynes
Springfield, MO
Roasted nuts and Woodworks
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Albright Hippie Hillbilly Farm
Elkland, MO
David and LeeAnna Albright
Boiled bagels, bagel chips

Red Top Oven
Buffalo, MO
Jane Ford and Kathy Hubbard
Fruit Jams, Pepper Jams, Smoky Salsa, Sauerkraut (3 varieties), Zucchini Relish, Marinara (Sugar Free), Sweet Hot Pickles, sauces, baked items and custom orders and gift basket.  Local ingredients, handcrafted small batch production ensures freshest flavors from our farmers to your table!
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Lizzy Jeans Jams & Jellies
Carole and Christine Garoutte
Mt. Vernon, MO
Quick breads, cookies, muffins, jams and jellies

Scotty’s Biscotti Etc
Scott Jones
Springfield, MO
Gluten-free cakes, cookies, breads

Pizza Crust Creations by Color My World Farm, LLC
Kurk & Sue Nulph
Highlandville, MO
Artisan Baked Seasoned Pizza Crusts & Pizza Sauces ​or​
Facebook:  colormyworldfarm

Artisan’s Oven
Craig Crosby
Springfield, MO
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Country Bee
Lesley Malone
Honey donuts, honey bath and body items, jarred honey, men’s honey facial items

Ronda’s Fried Pies
Norwood, MO
Ronda Classen
Fried pies in a variety of flavors all made with and fried in coconut oil

The Bakehouse
Gayle, Jeanne and Lynn
Springfield, MO
Freshly ground wheat breads, cookies and more
Facebook: TheBakehouse

Mae Ma’s Bake Shop
Lora Gwin
Springfield, MO
Pies, bread, cookies, brownies, candies and more!